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Know your legal rights

Redmond Tenant Tips

If you are a renter in the city of Redmond, you have protections under Ordinance 3091AM, which took effect in 2022. Here’s a summary of what you should know about your rights as a tenant: Rent increase notices: Move-in fees: Late fees: Good to know: What to do next or

Good to know

Why Over-the-Counter Sexual Assault Testing Kits are Now Banned

Written by Meg Rutherford, ELAP Summer InternEdited by ELAP staff Washington state HB 1564 went into effect on July 23, which bans the sale of over-the-counter sexual assault kits. This new law offers protection to survivors of sexual assault who may have otherwise been taken advantage of by offers of

Tips for tenants

New State Laws Affecting Renters

Two new bills passed in the Washington state legislature this year that will affect tenants across the region. Here’s what you need to know: SB 5197 will allow people to testify remotely in landlord-tenant cases, at the court’s discretion. The bill allows a delay in the enforcement of a judgement

Consumer Debt Resources

Have Consumer Debt? Check Out These 5 Resources

By Evan Yi, ELAP intern  Dealing with debt can be challenging and often scary. Here are a few of the best online and local resources to help you handle debt and get back on your feet:  Washington Law Help  Washington Law Help provides a comprehensive review of the law on

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