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Some pandemic housing protections are ending. Here’s what renters need to know.

By Logan Winn, ELAP Intern
Reviewed by Ashley Cummins, ELAP Housing Attorney

Changes are coming to some pandemic-era housing programs—and renters need to be prepared. The “Eviction Resolution Pilot Program” will expire on July 1 and the “Requirement to Offer Reasonable Repayment Plan” expired April 30.  

The big takeaway for renters is that the eviction process may move faster without these two programs in place because landlords can serve “Summons” and “Complaint” notices quicker. However, some protections will carry forward and resources are available for tenants navigating housing challenges.

Here are the basics of each program and what renters can expect.  
Eviction Resolution Pilot Program (ERPP)

ERPP was a King County program meant to bridge the gap between the end of the eviction moratorium and the ongoing economic effects of COVID.​ The program required landlords to work with a third-party dispute center to resolve tenant issues, before going to court for an eviction.
​​​​​​What is ​c​hanging​:​

  • Beginning July 1, landlords will not be required to work with tenants to resolve issues through the dispute centers.  
  • Until July 1, landlords must still give tenants the option to participate in ERPP and are required to provide a certificate from a resolution center prior to filing for eviction with the court.  
  • Starting July 1, landlords will no longer be required to get a certificate from the Dispute Resolution Center before they can file an eviction in court. Landlords must still serve either a 14-Day or a 30-Day Notice to Pay Rent (depending on what type of property you are in) and then serve “Summons” and “Complaint” notices.
  • Landlords may be required to give an additional notice (a “30-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit” for example) if you live in certain types of properties or subsidized housing.  

​​Requirement to Offer Reasonable Repayment Plan

Before May 1, landlords had to provide a reasonable repayment plan to tenants who had past due rent balances.  

​​What is ​c​hanging​:​ 

  • ​Starting in May, termination notices without repayment plans can be served.
  • Starting July 1, landlords will ​​not be required to negotiate issues or provide repayment plans for past due rent. This means landlords will be able to initiate eviction processes and tenants may receive notices to vacate within 14 days.  
  • Notices served for rent owed prior to May 1 are still eligible for a repayment plan. Any payment plans that tenants have already entered into will remain legally binding after July 1.
  • Landlords are responsible for giving you the accurate amount of money tenants owe. They can’t include extra fees like late fees, charges for attorneys, or other one-time expenses in the amount.  
  • After July 1, you still have a right to have an attorney represent you in court and can receive a free attorney through the Housing Justice Project if you are eligible.
  • ​​Payment plans that tenants have already entered into will remain legally binding after the expiration of the program.  ​ 

If you are struggling to pay your rent or experiencing issues with your landlord, there are resources available to support you:

  • ELAP: Free housing legal aid. Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 425-747-7274 (English) or 425-620-2778 (Español)  
  • Tenant Law Center: Live tenant resource hotline operated Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  206-580-0762
  • Washington Law Help: Online self-help resources
  • Housing Justice Project: Free legal assistance and representation in court for renters facing eviction

(Information on ELAP’s blog is informational intended for a general audience and should not be considered legal advice or specific to individual cases. Readers should know that laws can change. If you have questions about your specific case, consult your attorney or a civil legal aid organization.)

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