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New Tenant Rights for Burien

On Oct. 24, Burien became the latest city to pass new rental protections. Similar to Kirkland’s new protections, Burien’s City Council voted to: Require 120 days’ notice for rent increases of more than 3% and 180 days’ notice for rent increases of more than 10% 

Student Loan Debt and How to Help

Written by Evan Yi, ELAP intern Student debt is a major crisis for Americans, especially low-income people. Currently, 45 million Americans shoulder $1.7 trillion in student loans. Approximately one-third of borrowers default on their loans at some point. And 87% of Pell Grant recipients, who are lower-income borrowers, have defaulted at

Happy Pro Bono Week

It’s National Pro Bono Week! This week is a dedication to the attorneys who volunteer their time to provide access to legal aid to people who can’t afford a lawyer. Our volunteer attorneys significantly increase the number of people ELAP can help every year. Approximately

Our Fall Intern Team

We have many new interns volunteering with the ELAP team this fall. A huge thank-you to these hard-working individuals for contributing their time to help ELAP ensure fair and equal justice. Richard Fang, Interlake High School – Tech intern Zoe Forouzanfar, Interlake High School –

Serving Survivors of Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but at ELAP we work with survivors every single day, year-round. Staff attorneys in ELAP’s Domestic Violence Prevention work with hundreds of survivors in King County every year to provide critical legal advice, secure protection orders, help parents navigate

New Law Changes How Name-Change Fees Impact Justice

Written by Rebecca Schumacher, ELAP intern It’s surprisingly expensive to change your name. Although costs vary by county, filing fees and administrative costs often total several hundred dollars. These costs can create a barrier to justice for survivors of domestic violence and LGBTQ2S+ individuals who

Welcome Marlene and Vivian

We recently welcomed two new staff to the ELAP team. Meet Marlene and Vivian, who both started at ELAP as volunteers! Marlene Dzib (she/her) is ELAP’s new Intake Coordinator. She will manage incoming requests for legal help, screen clients for eligibility, and connect clients to

Trauma-Informed Advocacy for Attorneys

By Rebecca Schumacher, ELAP intern Many legal aid clients have experienced some form of trauma. Understanding how trauma affects client-attorney interactions will make you a more effective advocate. Trauma-informed lawyering is an individualized practice approach, informed by each client’s unique trauma, aimed to reduce re-traumatization,

Thank You Summer Interns

This summer our staff has had the privilege of working with an awesome group of interns. These hard-working individuals have contributed their time to help us provide free civil legal aid in King County. Jenna Lee, University of Washington School of Law – Technology and

Legal Timeline for Eviction: What Tenants Should Know

Here are some tips for tenants on the legal timeline for eviction in Washington state. Eviction Timeline:  Day 1:  Rent is due (past due or new), tenant will be offered a proposed repayment plan by landlord.  Day 2: Rent is still unpaid and no agreement