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Celebrating Women in Nonprofits

March is Women’s History Month. Did you know that women make up about three-quarters of the nonprofit workforce?

That’s a lot of women-power fueling the great work happening in communities across our region. It also means that women and non-binary individuals are more likely to be impacted by certain factors that face the nonprofit industry.

Some facts according to the 2023 King County Wage & Benefits Survey Report published by 501 Commons:

  • Service and caregiving jobs are traditionally done by women, immigrants, and some BIPOC folks; and these tend to be low-paying jobs
  • Demand for services has increased for 83% of the nonprofits surveyed last year
  • 64% of nonprofit executive directors are women (and 1% are non-binary/non-conforming)
  • About 20% of nonprofit employees voluntarily left their positions in the past year (that means 1 in 5 positions within a nonprofit needed to be rehired)

Cheers and thank you to the women who make up 83% of ELAP’s staff team!

Learn more about the survey.

Read more about women in nonprofits.

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