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What Happened This Session

This month marks the end of the Washington state legislative session. We were keeping a close eye on some bills related to housing and domestic violence.

Here’s what passed and what stalled: 

  • SB 5937: Passed the legislature and was signed by the governor. It will support crime victims and witnesses by promoting victim-centered, trauma-informed responses in the legal system. Read the bill.
  • SB 6227: Passed the legislature and is awaiting the governor’s signature. It will give victims access to protection orders in certain circumstances in which a defendant is found not guilty by reason of insanity, closing a gap in the current law. Read the bill
  • HB 2010: Failed to pass out of committee. It would have addressed aspects of parental custody in domestic violence cases. Read the bill.
  • HB 2114: Failed to pass out of the senate. It sought to improve housing stability for tenants. Read the bill
  • HB 2006: Failed to make it to the house floor. It would have allowed more people to serve as court interpreters by expanding the pool of language interpreters who many be appointed by the court. Read the bill

See other bills that passed the legislature this session that Governor Inslee is expected to sign.

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