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Author: ELAP

Trauma-Informed Advocacy for Attorneys

By Rebecca Schumacher, ELAP intern Many legal aid clients have experienced some form of trauma. Understanding how trauma affects client-attorney interactions will make you a more effective advocate. Trauma-informed lawyering is an individualized practice approach, informed by each client’s unique trauma, aimed to reduce re-traumatization,

ELAP Relaunches Contract Attorney Network

ELAP is relaunching its Contract Attorney Network under a new name. Previously known as the “Low Bono Program,” we are renaming the program to reflect the work and attract attorneys to the network.   ELAP’s Contract Attorney Network pairs experienced private practice attorneys with clients who

Thank You Summer Interns

This summer our staff has had the privilege of working with an awesome group of interns. These hard-working individuals have contributed their time to help us provide free civil legal aid in King County. Jenna Lee, University of Washington School of Law – Technology and

Legal Timeline for Eviction: What Tenants Should Know

Here are some tips for tenants on the legal timeline for eviction in Washington state. Eviction Timeline:  Day 1:  Rent is due (past due or new), tenant will be offered a proposed repayment plan by landlord.  Day 2: Rent is still unpaid and no agreement

High Volume of Calls to ELAP

ELAP is currently experiencing a very high volume of calls that is affecting our operations. Please be aware that we may be delayed in returning your call. Due to high demand, we prioritize our services based on the highest need. We are receiving twice as

Repairs: What Tenants Should Know

Getting a repair made to your unit can sometimes be troublesome for renters, especially if your landlord is being uncooperative. Here is a step-by-step legal guide for getting repairs completed. Request the repair in writing and then be prepared to wait the amount of time

Welcome new staff

Welcome to Kristen and Jesse

Drum roll for our new staff members! Kristen Schmit, J.D., (she/her) has joined the ELAP team as a Domestic Violence Staff Attorney working on-site at our community partner, DAWN. Kristen was most recently a judicial law clerk in Snohomish County Superior Court and previously was

Rental Deposits: What Tenants Should Know

If you are a renter, getting your deposit back can sometimes be a challenging process. Here is some helpful information for tenants. Before you move into your unit:• Before signing a lease, you should check the unit to make sure everything is in good working

Fond Farewell to Two Staffers

This month ELAP is bidding farewell to two fantastic staff members, and we are also celebrating a promotion. Esperanza Borboa (Espy) is leaving ELAP to reset and focus on the next chapter of her life as an advocate for civil and human rights. As ELAP’s

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