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New Tenant Rights for Kirkland Residents

New tenant protections took effect in the city of Kirkland on Sept. 17, 2022. Read details on the city’s website about how this may protect you as a renter in Kirkland.

What you need to know about your rights as a renter:

  • Landlords must provide advance notice of a rent increase.
    • 60-day Notice for rent increase up to 3%
    • 120-day Notice for rent increase of 3-10%
    • 180-day Notice for rent increase of more than 10%
      * Exceptions apply in the case of subsidized housing where rents are based on the tenant’s income
  • Landlords may not charge more than the equivalent of one-month’s rent for move-in fees, security deposits (including pet deposits), and other special move-in expenses.
    * Exceptions may apply if approved by a tenant’s attorney
  • Important to know: These new protections do not apply to rent increases issued before Sept. 17, 2022, or to move-in fees and security deposit provisions in existing leases.
  • Rent increase notices not in compliance with these new provisions are not legally enforceable. Tenants can enforce the provisions of this ordinance in court.

Free legal help is available in Kirkland through ELAP in partnership with the city of Kirkland. We are hosting five free workshops in October for Kirkland renters. See dates and times on our Upcoming Events page.

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