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Redmond Tenant Tips

If you are a renter in the city of Redmond, you have protections under Ordinance 3091AM, which took effect in 2022. Here’s a summary of what you should know about your rights as a tenant:

Rent increase notices:

  • Your landlord must tell you, in writing, if they plan to increase your rent.
  • For increases over 3%, landlord must give you 120 days’ written notice.
  • For increases over 10%, landlord must give you 180 days’ written notice.
  • Subsidized Housing: If your rent is based on your income, the landlord must give you 30 days’ written notice before raising it.

Move-in fees:

  • Before you move into a new unit, the landlord cannot ask for more than one month’s rent in move-in fees and deposits, except for some subsidized housing.
  • If your lease is for six months or more, you can spread out move-in fees and deposits over six months.
  • For leases under six months or month-to-month, you can spread them over two months.

Late fees:

  • Late fees for unpaid rent can’t be more than 1.5% of your monthly rent.
  • Your lease should say that you can ask to change the due date of late fees.
  • If your monthly income is from government assistance, and you can ask in writing, the landlord has to agree to change the due date. The landlord cannot refuse to rent to you because you asked for this change.

Good to know:

  • Your landlord can ask for your Social Security Number, but cannot refuse to rent to you because you did not provide it.
  • If your landlord breaks any of these rules, your lease may not be valid and you may be entitled to double your damages or three times your monthly rent, plus legal fees.

What to do next or how to get help:

  • Send a written letter to your landlord with a copy of the ordinance language.
  • Find information and self-help resources at
  • If you have additional questions, you can contact ELAP for help.
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