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5 Free Online Legal Resources

By Evan Yi, ELAP intern

Thousands of legal resources are available online, but it’s tough to sort through what is sound, reputable information. We recommend the following websites for people in King County who are looking for legal resources.

  1. Washington Law Help 

Washington Law Help is a comprehensive legal resource for a wide range of issues of state law. The site is maintained by Northwest Justice Project and provides self-help forms, information on dozens of legal topics, and a statewide legal directory of organizations that offer legal aid services.

  1. Tenant’s Union of Washington State 

Tenant’s Union is a great resource for housing-related issues in Washington state. With a helpful search bar, you can find help on topics including eviction, repairs, discrimination, and much more. The organization also offers tenant counseling and know-your-rights workshops. 

  1. Northwest Consumer Law Center  

Northwest Consumer Law Center provides legal aid and representation for cases involving debt, foreclosure, automobile fraud, consumer bankruptcy, and student loans. The organization’s website has an excellent bank of recorded webinars on a variety of topics that are free for viewing.

  1. Northwest Immigrant Rights Project  

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project is a legal resource that supports immigrants, asylum-seekers, and refugees. The nonprofit provides aid and representation for issues of domestic violence, asylum, family visa applications, neglected or abused children, citizenship, DACA recipients, and detention/deportation. The organization’s website has an extensive list of know-your-rights resources related to immigration.    

  1. Resolution Washington 

Resolution Washington provides easy-to-understand information about the mediation process between tenants and landlords. The website also points visitors to a list of community-based Dispute Resolution Centers where they can seek local mediation to solve a legal problem.  


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