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New Tenant Rights for Burien

On Oct. 24, Burien became the latest city to pass new rental protections. Similar to Kirkland’s new protections, Burien’s City Council voted to:

  • Require 120 days’ notice for rent increases of more than 3% and 180 days’ notice for rent increases of more than 10% 
  • Cap move-in fees to the equivalent of one month’s rent 

Burien also voted to: 

  • Cap late fees at $10 
  • Prevent social security numbers from being required to apply for a rental home 
  • Allow renters on a fixed income to adjust their rent due date 
  • Enforce Just Cause protections regardless of lease type, ensuring all renters are protected from eviction or lease termination without good reason 
  • Require landlords to pay relocation assistance should a tenant be unable to pay rent and move due to a rent increase of more than 10% 
  • Prohibit rent increases for uninhabitable units 

Burien follows Issaquah, Kirkland, Kenmore, and Redmond in passing greater protections for renters. Cities are recognizing that rental protections are important in protecting low-income tenants. For many residents, rent makes up a disproportionate percentage of their income. The high cost of rental deposits and punitive late fees also impact marginalized renters the most. 

Burien has also added a few further protections that increase accessibility and stability for low-income tenants: Requiring landlords to pay relocation assistance and enforcing Just Cause protections without loopholes, which helps prevent the negative effects of eviction. Burien’s new protections also allow renters on a fixed income to adjust their rent due-date, which helps renters who rely on social security or other fixed income (like Supplemental Security Income) to pay their rent. 

Learn more about the new protections in Burien.





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