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Story: When Urgent Help is Needed

Sometimes urgency is everything.

ELAP’s attorneys recently helped HealthPoint clinic staff provide quick services for a young woman who was a survivor of sex trafficking. Her visa was about to expire and she was in danger of being deported back to her native country, where she had been the victim of trauma and abuse.

HealthPoint reached out to ELAP’s Medical-Legal Partnership attorney, Dorothy Leggett, who quickly huddled with other staff attorneys to look for legal options on the woman’s behalf. We reached out to another partner organization that specializes in asylum for survivors of sex trafficking and could immediately help with her case.

Dr. Geetha Sridharan, a pediatrician at the HealthPoint Redmond clinic, told ELAP:

“We are amazed at how swiftly this patient’s case was looked at and how quickly she was connected to resources. There are several situations when we as providers do not know where to turn for help to further support our patients, but in many situations, we are very fortunate to be able to offer ELAP services to our patients.”

“ELAP is an outstanding resource we are able to offer our families in need.”

ELAP’s two healthcare partners in our Medical-Legal Partnership—HealthPoint and ICHS—work with us to remove barriers that impact people’s health. Their doctors, nurses, administrators, and social workers identify people whose health is affected by crises that could be resolved through the civil legal system. Then, they connect with our attorneys who help address the legal issues the patient is facing like eviction, loss of benefits, workplace discrimination, or violence.

Learn more about our Medical-Legal Partnership.

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