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Supporting Tenants in Dispute Resolution Process

ELAP is partnering with the Dispute Resolution Center of King County, the Tenant Law Center, and Solid Ground’s Tenant Services to provide legal advice at weekly Housing Advisory Clinics to support tenants going through the mediation process with their landlords.

Mediation is a mandatory step before eviction that helps tenants and landlords resolve unpaid rent conflicts outside the court system. It helps prevent eviction by solving the dispute before a tenant is evicted.

The Dispute Resolution Center of King County hosts a series of free Zoom Housing Advisory Clinics every Thursday. At these clinics, tenants may choose from three different services or elect to receive all three. Solid Ground’s Tenant Services provides an overview of tenants’ rights in nonpayment of rent cases, followed by a Q&A session. ELAP and Tenant Law Center attorneys are available to provide tenants with legal counsel and advice about their cases. Finally, staff members from the Dispute Resolution Center of King County can provide tenants with conflict coaching prior to their mediation session.

The goal of this clinic is to educate people about their tenant rights and help them negotiate a reasonable payment plan with their landlord so they can remain housed.

Eligibility: King County residents seeking mediation services for a rent-related issue. This includes tenants who have not yet received a 14 Day Notice to Pay or Vacate from their landlord.

To sign up: Contact the Dispute Resolution Center of King County at 206-443-9603 or


ELAP's Housing Stability Program is currently closed. For assistance, call the King County Tenant Resource Line at 206-580-0762.
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